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Today's Meteor Activity

The 'Today's Meteor Activity' graphic shows the averaged daily Meteor Activity provided by the Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin (RMOB). It's updated every hour. This graphic is free for linking to from your own website by using this link


Shower activity in July is concentrated around the end of the month.
Most remarkable shower this month is Southern δ-Aquariids, peaking July 30. Maximum ZHR of this shower is around 25 hr-1 for about 2 days (λsol= 125 degs to 127 degs), while ZHR remains above 20 between λsol= 124 degs to 129 degs. Bright meteors can be found around the maximum, but before and after that, meteors are relatively faint. Two brief outbursts (both with ZHR=40 hr-1) were observed in 1977 and 2003.
For European observers, the Radiant of this shower is above horizon only in night/early morning hours.

Some minor showers are also active around the end of July: Piscis Austrinids can be used for MS predominantly from the Southern Emisphere, while α-Capricornids is characterized by bright meteors with low apparent velocity, that make this shower one of the most spectacular to observe visually. Last α-Capricornids enhancement took place in 1995 (ZHR=10 hr-1); please note that recent observing results suggest that the maximum may continue into July 31.

Please note that on 2016 July 28 at 00h07m UT, a remarkable outburst (ZHR about 100 hr-1) of the July γ-Draconids was detected by radar and video observations. It worth checking the activity of this shower: the same position is reached again on 2021 July28, at about 06h45m UT.

Take also advantage of very good Sporadic Meteors rates: Sporadics rates are now approaching annual maximum, which will take place in late summer.

For Radio Observers, the (theoretical) UT peaks for upcoming showers in July 2021 are as follows:

Piscis Austrinids (Southern emisphere shower)
Active: July 15 - August 10
Maximum: July 29 (λsol= 125 degs)
ZHR: Low (5 hr-1)

Southern δ-Aquariids
Active: July 12 - August 23
Maximum: July 30 (λsol= 127 degs)
ZHR: Medium (25 hr-1)

Active: July 03 - August 15
Maximum: July 30 (λsol= 127 degs)
ZHR: Low (5 hr-1)

Source: IMO