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Aurora is a phenomena which is most prevalent in the regions close to the so called "Aurora Belt". Depending on where you live in the world this belt may be southern Canada or the northern part of the Nordic countries. In these areas Aurora will occur a dozen times a year, even in the quiet periods of the Solar Cycle. If you live more to the south, like in Central Europe, years may pass with little or no Aurora openings.
 Finally, after a very long solar minimum, our neighbouring star has been showing activity since early 2010. Sunspots have been appearing again, but thus far there have been no major Aurora openings. However, we are interested to have infos about ANY Aurora opening occurring in the European area (other parts of the Northen and Southern hemisphere may be added later, depending on Ham and Solar activity). So if you make any Aurora QSOs on 2 metre or 70 cm, please post them into the aurora page using LOGIN, or send as a text file to and The results of QSOs will be plotted on a map of Europe, and/or posted as lists of worked stations.

In order to produce an intersection map of the position of the Aurora cloud(s), we need reports from both stations who have been involved in a QSO, including an accurate beam heading. Please use LOGIN (please register), and file your list of QSOs by clicking: "Send your report" and follow the guidelines. 
Example log entry by PA3BIY:
12:14 PA4EME JO20WX 45
12:17 HA5CRX JN97NM 85

If you are new to VHF DX, you might want to read this small introduction article about Aurora and its relation to the Sun. Other articles related to VHF propagation can be found on the FORUM page.

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28. May 2011

Quite a sudden Aurora, not because of the eruption of a solar flare, but due to dissapearing filaments 2 days ago, which triggered a CME.
Amendment: It seems that the aurora was not triggered by a CME, but was due to an exceptionally fast Coronal Hole.

Please be so kind to send us your QSO data, including the antenna bearing. When stations can be matched to one another, the intersections may give a rough idea of the behaviour of the Aurora cloud(s).

DH6DAO, Reinhard - JO41CN
150W and 9 ele
13:28 OZ1FDH JO65CS
hrd another OZ from JO55 but nothin else
On 6m wkd LA5YJ, but also nil more hrd.
DH8BQA, Olli - JO73CE
IC-7400, GS35 + 4 x 10 ele DK7ZB Yagis
1576 km
28/05/2011 12:20 SM4GGC JO69RK 59A 59A CW 696
28/05/2011 12:25 SM7GVF JO77GA 59A 59A CW 427
28/05/2011 12:28 OZ1HDF JO55UN 57A 59A CW 310
28/05/2011 12:29 OZ1FDH JO65CS 59A 57A CW 315
28/05/2011 12:38 OH2BZP KP20JF 51A 53A CW 1012
28/05/2011 12:42 YL2HA KO26BV 57A 57A CW 753
28/05/2011 12:49 LA2TD JO59JR 59A 57A CW 757
28/05/2011 12:50 LA9MW JP50MA 57A 57A CW 784
28/05/2011 12:57 LA8KV JP52QQ 55A 53A CW 1069
28/05/2011 13:00 DK9OY JO52CK 55A 55A CW 281
28/05/2011 13:02 SM4COK JO79OH 59A 59A CW 684
28/05/2011 13:04 OH1ND KP00XL 55A 57A CW 936
28/05/2011 13:05 YL2FZ KO37QI 59A 59A CW 952
28/05/2011 13:18 DJ4TC JO63PN 55A 56A CW 74
28/05/2011 13:23 YL2PJ KO36QM 55A 55A CW 919
28/05/2011 13:25 YL2EM KO36QM 55A 57A CW 919
28/05/2011 13:31 RA3WDK KO81BR 53A HRD ONLY CW 1487
28/05/2011 13:33 YL2CV KO16AW 55A 55A CW 649
28/05/2011 13:36 SM7EOI JO86FP 55A 57A CW 410
28/05/2011 13:38 UA3PTW KO93BS 55A 55A CW 1576
28/05/2011 13:40 YL2OK KO37AS 53A 55A CW 901
28/05/2011 13:41 YL2AJ KO16OX 59A 59A CW 710
Nice opening with very abrupt end, after last QSO SK4MPI/B went from 59A+ to NIL within 5 minutes what is kinda strange. 73, Olli 'BQA
G4SWX, John - JO02RF
13:00 OZ1HDF JO55UN 030
13:11 OZ1FDH JO65CS 030
brief little openning - apart from some weak backscatter on some local PA/DL stations nothing else
OK1FPR, Milos - JO80CE
PA 500W + 17el. M2
OZ1FDH loc. JO65CS, 675Km
13:06 OZ1FDH JO65CS 45
PA0JMV, Joop - JO21PM
12 el @ 12m 400w
13:01 OZ1HDF JO55UN 45
13:09 OZ1FDH JO65CH 48
really nice surprise today, almost nostalgia since last AU-QSO back in 2005.
some really loud stations but not too much activity
PA7RP, Ruud - JO22FB
13:32 OZ1HDF JO55mm 45
13:38 OZ1FDH JO65cs 45
SM7OVK, Jens - JO65RL
FT225RD 25W 15el. yagi
12.33 YL2HA 59A 59A KO26BU 60
12.41 YL2AJ 59A 57A KO16OX 60
12.53 LY2LE 57A 55A KO24OQ 60
13.08 ES5CA 55A 55A KO38OM 60
13.11 YL2EM 55A 55A KO36QM 60
13.19 OH2NSP 55A 55A KP10RN 60
13.29 PI9ESA/P 55A 55A JO22SW 60
As expected, a nice AU-opening about 48 hours after the big ES. Most worked with QTF about 60degrees. A couple of UA3 stations heard too.