+++ Best VHF DX-expeditions 2023 EME; 1: ZB2BU, 2: 4W8X, 3: CYoS
Best VHF DX-expeditions 2023 MS; 1: OJoEME, 2: LAoBY, 3: OY/SP7VC +++
+++    EME conference 2024 in Trenton (USA)    +++

Don’t miss the EME 2024 Conference, happening near Trenton, NJ (in Ewing). Hosted at The College of New Jersey campus, centrally located near Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City, this conference is dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of Earth-Moon-Earth Communications (EME). Join the 20th EME Conference to learn from expert speakers in the field and discover the latest advancements in Moonbounce. EME 2024 website and registration.