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25. Mar 2012


DA0HEL, Clubstation Ilse of - JO34WE
FT897, 250W PA, 18dB Preamp, 13el yagi 50m asl 9m agl
G0BLB IO81RI 767km
07:27 G3LTF IO91GG
07:12 OK1TEH JO70FD
08:38 2E0NEY IO81VK
08:35 G0BBB IO91PK
08:44 G0BLB IO81RI
08:45 G4JZF IO82XO
09:01 G2BOF IO91VI
09:08 G3UDA IO82OQ
09:11 G0NNF IO92AL
09:36 OK1FPR JO80CE
09:48 SP2MKO JO93CB
11:01 G4AEP IO91NJ
13:34 OK1ZHS/P JO70EC
14:52 F1MPQ JN08XS
15:04 F6DKW JN18CS
It was one of our best vhf results in history of Hamradio Helgoland Meeting. The Meeting takes place every two years at end of march.
Tropo opening began on saturday evening with a nice duct from southwest to northeast. Stations from G and OZ/SM worked.
On sunday morning we became contest feeling: many stations from western and central europe were logged. The conditions on 70cm were also very nice at the same time, ODX G0JLO, IO81WM, 733km.
73 Chris DK2CRN
GW8JLY, Lyndon - IO81JM
144 Mhz: Kenwood TS711e - SSPA 350w out - LNA - 9el LY
DF2ZF/P at 912km
07:56 D03YMW JO42CC 789km
08:00 DL8YE JO32TC 749km
08:07 PA4VHF JO32JE 692km
08:18 PA2DW JO22GD 538km
08;29 DK2ZF/P JO43WJ 912km
08:34 PA4PS JO33GH 692km
08:55 PA0BUS JO23UF 636km
09:02 DL6YBF JO31OX 721km
09:13 DL8BDV JO42NA 852km
09:22 DO9PL JO31LG 708km
09:26 ON6ZT JO10VW 493km
09:28 DD7EQ JO31IG 690km
Some tropo here this morning. Nowhere near the scale and intensity of the opening between the 13th and 15th but nice anyway to have 2 openings in one month. No QSOs over 1000km, best was to DK2ZF/p at 912km. When I worked DK2ZF/p, Rolf was beaming into and working SP3 but he was still 59 off the back of his antenna, Later when he beamed this way he was 59+40db. As I send this report at 12:27gmt, its all gone. Very dissapointed not to be able to work DA0HEL in jo34we for a new one. Best from them was 319 on CW and no qso was possible - although PA4PS in J033 was 59. Hopefully I will work that locator another day.
73 Lyn GW8JLY