MMMonVHF DX Client (MDC)

The MMMonVHF DX Client (MDC) is an easy to use, yet powerful and intuitive tool which has been developed in order to make the daily life of a "DXer" a bit more simpler.
The initial idea was to combine the popular ON4KST chat with the usage of the DXBlog tool of MMMonVHF and to reduce the upcoming traffic to a minimum.
After many hours of byte tweaking this resulted in the development of a more comfortable telnet client, which could be adopted to the special requirements and functions of the ON4KST chat and combined with the ability to use the same program as a DXBlog and furthermore granting traffic optimized access to the JT65 EME Chat.
Please notice, that the development of the MDC is currently discontinued! But a public beta version is available for download.

MDC- normal operation MDC with DXBlog Send DXcluster spots Moonfinder Sidebar - MMM Sidebar - JT65 user Propagation Map MUF Map JT65 Chat CQ Key features
- Access to ON4KST chat (Telnet)
- Access to DXCluster (Telnet)
- Access to N0UK JT65 EME Chat (Optimized)
- Live Propagation Map and Live MUF Map
- Usage as MMMonVHF DXBlog (Add-on)
- Up-to-date info from MMMonVHF Website
- Optimized for low data traffic transfer, works with any internet connection
- Moon tracking data and providing DDE exchange for Arswin interface
- Manually / Automatically update your Call3.txt file in your WSJT folder from the daily updated VHF-Database
- Locator Info providing distance and direction and info about MWS status
- Friendly graphical user interface
- No install required - no registry entries done - just unzip and let's go!
- All for free, without any key registration!

Minimum system requirements
- Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10
- 8MB of free disk space
- 800x600 screen resolution or higher (1024x768 or higher recommended)
- Internet connection

Additional requirements
- Valid amateur radio licence / callsign
- Already registered at the ON4KST chat

Feel free to download the latest -beta- version (0.6.3) in the download section of MMMonVHF
Info: The download is only provided after you have successfully logged in into MMMonVHF.

News and Updates
There is a special forum thread related to the MDC development here.

Feedback, Support and Comments
Any feedback, bug report or comment is welcome! The client can only be improved with the feedback of the users!
Feel free to contact me by using our web contact form or directly by sending an email to mdc [at] mmmmonvhf [dot] de