Todays MUF propagation

Data by DXrobot / PE1NWL
and LiveMUF / G7RAU

Todays MS propagation

Data averaged from 14 RMOB
sources across Europe

Todays SOLAR propagation

Data by DXCluster VHFDX.EU

Latest ES   2016-07-18

Sporadic E. By coincidence this opening is an almost exact copy of the opening between F and EA8 on July 16th.

Latest TR   2016-07-10


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Latest Tweets


2016-07-01 07:46 by F1CBC:
France VHF-UHF-SHF "RPH 2016 Activity" this Week-End 02-03 July 2016 14:00 TU
2016-06-27 19:56 by PA4EME:
Upload from magnetometermaps to MMMonVHF active again. Maps should be reliable after 00:00 UTC again
2016-06-27 17:16 by DG2KBC:
Thanks feedback. Some changes / optimization will still be done.
2016-06-27 12:52 by SO3Z:
nice new layout ! congrats de SO3Z
2016-06-25 22:37 by PA4EME:
Within 2-3 days reading will be reliable again.
2016-06-25 22:36 by PA4EME:
Broken sensors have been replaced on June 25th and final installation on June 26th.
2016-06-25 22:35 by PA4EME:
You might have noticed that the MMMonVHF magnetometer is already down for about 3 weeks.
2016-06-06 08:35 by DM1CG:
search list of VOR beacons EU / North Africa
2016-06-04 19:56 by PA4EME:
2016-06-04 19:55 by PA4EME:
On June 8th, 2016 the predicted tropopath from EA8 or D4 to KP4 seems to be nearly perfect
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