144 MHz E-Sporadic Evaluation

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Evaluation of the MUF / ES data for 144MHz from 2001 until today. The data source is based upon the great DXrobot service done by Allard / PE1NWL.

The yellow bars MUF show the 'HIGH MUF' periods and the red bars ES show the 'ES' periods for 144MHz. This data is daily updated between beginning of April and the end of September!

Today's MUF / ES by MMMonVHF

The 'Today's MUF / ES' graphics shows the daily 144MHz High MUF MUF and ES MUF times. In addition the blue bar MUF indicates 50MHz ES and the green bar MUF indicates 70MHz ES times. The graphic is updated every 5 minutes and free for linking to from your own website by using this link http://mmmonvhf.de/es/es.png

In addition we provide you a map of the calculated ES cloud positions of all QSO data submitted to MMMonVHF. Red squares show the most frequent ES cloud positions. Data availability starts at 2006.
Total QSO database: 53166

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Monthly Overview of MUF / ES Activity - 2016